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Updates and Revisions ~ Current Version 1.00

1.00 9/3/2017 Preparation on basic design and layouts.  Preparation and publication of legal pages.  Preparation and publication of basic navigation and CSS files.
1.01 10/3/2017 History and Text layouts prepared.  Template development started.  Slideshow set up and virtual tour page generated.
1.02 10/3/2017 Images imported.  Basic templates and navigation completed.  Shell ready to launch on line at


List of ministers completed.  Preliminary Work on stained glass completed.  Revisions to home panel and navigation templates
1.04 28/3/2017 Revised index and introductory pages completed and placed on line. Initial access limited to home page. Initial stained glass pages under development.  Development and testing of contact us page under way.  Legal pages reviewed and updated.
1.05 31/3/2017 Invitation pages revised.  Further stained glass images imported.  Contact Us pages revised and tested.  All temporary files loaded on line with restricted access.
1.06 14/04/2017 Diaries for 2000 and 2001 published.  Additional navigational features added and site goes live on line.
1.07 16/04/2017 Diaries for 2002 and 2003 published,  20 pages for 300 Words or more completed and posted on line.  Navigation reviewed and partially updated. 
1.08 17/03/2017 Stained Glass images for altar wall and South wall posted.  Text to be added later.
1.09 21/04/2017 Some stained glass texts added.  Minister's diary extended.  20th century history added for 1910 - 39
1.10 22/04/2017 Further revision of stained glass pages.  Revision of 20th century History and Diary pages.  Selected images added.
1.11 24/04/2017 History pages for 20th century revised to give grammatical consistency.  21st century diary completed/  
1.12 2/5/2017 Sermons added.  Glass pages revised.
1.13 6/5/2017 19th century history added, subject to editing of final decade.  Additional Hall material added.
1.14 12/05/2017 Material for the Memorial Screen and other  monuments posted
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