21st Century: key events in the life of the Church.
In this diary the minister recalls significant events in his ministry, the Church and the community.


28th January

A Social Evening is held to mark the retiral of the Rev. George Helon and church organist David Lindsay.

30th January
Rev. George Helon takes his final service in Dailly Church.

3rd February
Service of Introduction for the Rev. Ian McLachlan.

6th February
The time of the Sunday Service in Dailly Church moves to the later time of 11 o’clock.

The final edition of The Dailly Parish Church Magazine is produced.  It is in its 120th year and this edition is number 1572.  The Magazine has proved to be invaluable for this website.

March 2000
The first edition of the new-look Minister’s Focus Newsletter which original is only for Dailly and Barr but in time becomes the main newsletter for all three churches.

7th March
Rev. McLachlan conducts his first Communion Service in Dailly Church.

11th March
Coffee Morning held in Dailly Church Hall.

31st March
Dailly Church’s Annual Stated Meeting.

12th April
Dailly Guild held their Daffodil Tea from 7.30 p.m.

23rd April
Easter Morning Service which includes Rev. McLachlan’s first baptism in Dailly Church.

30th April
The minister conducts his first wedding for Dailly Parish Church.

22nd – 27th May
Minister attends the General Assembly.

24th June
Dailly Gala Day.

25th June
Special Songs of Praise Service at 11 o’clock.

11th July
Dailly Sunday School Outing to Newton Stewart.

16th July
Covenanters’ Service in Old Dailly Churchyard.

19th August
Dailly Church Fete.

11th September
First Meeting of Dailly Church Social Club. Sadly it is poorly attended and ends at the end of the month.

Dailly manse is sold.

13th September
Dailly Guild Dedication Service.

1st October
Special Evening Service at which 10 people become new members of the Church after a series of Enquirers’ Group meeting. There is a social event afterwards.

8th October
Harvest Thanksgiving Service.

12th November
Remembrance Service.

24th November
Christmas Sale.

17th December
The Sunday School perform their Nativity Play at the morning service.

21st December
Morning service is the Nine Lessons and Carols.  There is a Family Service at 7.30 p.m. in the evening.

Old Dailly Gateway
The ruined church at Old Dailly, site of the annual Covenanters' Service.