Restoration Project



August 2018

Scaffolding is now in place and repair work has commenced.

With the generous support by the Heritage Lottery Fund we are able to carry out conservation repair to our building fabric. 

June 2018

Following successfull grants and fundraising, permission has now been given to go ahead with the restoration works. Works will begin on 9th July through to October 2018. Church Services will be held in the Church Hall from 8th July onwards, at same time of 11am.

April 2018

As of now work on the refurbishment of the church has still not started yet.  However the Church did receive some good news at the end of last year.  It was that the Baird Trust and the Fergusson Bequest Fund would both be willing to contribute some funding towards the project.  Then at the end of 2017 the minister was informed that the Lottery Heritage Fund and Historical Environment Scotland were both going to provide funding for the project.  Between the two of them they would be providing the money that we had originally asked for.

There is still paperwork to complete before the work on the church building can start. However hopefully things can move forward next month.

In addition to this we have to await the Presbytery’s decision on the long term future of this church building.  A team from Presbytery will be meeting members of the congregation in the near future to see what their thoughts are on the long term future of the church building. Local people can continue to help with the project by supporting our Sunday morning services and any fundraising that the church undertakes in the future.


The Dailly Parish Church was completely repainted at the beginning of the twenty first century.  However sadly, as the years progressed, some of the paint started to come off.  This has become slowly worse and worse as can be seen by the pictures. 

Thoughts were given to just simply having the whole church repainted once again.  However the minister in particular felt that the building must have some underlying problems which needed to be fixed before the church should be repainted once again.

Over the years there was much discussion in the Board as to what the way forward should be.  Finally it was decided to get ARPL Architects involved.  They were extremely helpful and produced a document outlining what they felt needed to be done to ensure that this church building had a future. 

It was explained to the Board that the Lottery Heritage Fund might look sympathetically on the project.  With the help of ARPL Architects an application was made to the Lottery Heritage Fund.  The General Trustees were kept informed of what the office bearers were endeavouring to do.


The project was for the fixing of roofs, windows and stonework of this grade B listed building.  It was hoped that the entire project could be completed for no more than £95,000.  As well as a grant from the Lottery Heritage Fund it was hoped that the congregation would raise some funds through various fundraising events.  They might also be prepared to add some money from their own rather limited funds.

The Lottery Heritage Fund also wanted the church to put the project out to tender to various architects.  After having received several proposals it was decided that the original architects - ARPL Architects offered the best way forward for the project.

The Board of Dailly Parish Church were delighted when they were successful in receiving a first round pass of an amount of money. This means that the Lottery Heritage Fund believes that the project has ‘potential to deliver high-quality outcomes and value for Lottery money.’

The church then had to  complete a ‘Permission to Start’ form and that was accepted towards the end of 2016.  However there is still a great deal of work to be done in order for the project to reach completion and for the church to be secured as a continuing place of worship for the future.


The Presbytery is in the process of creating a new Presbytery Plan and the potential work that Dailly Church wants to do must fit in with these plans.  Even if funding is offered by the Lottery Heritage Fund the Presbytery has to agree to this happening.

One of the conditions of the funding was that this website was created.  It is hoped that this website not only will give potential viewers a chance of seeing what Dailly Parish Church did in the past, but also what it can do in the future as well.

The minister is interested in this website being a potential for mission and that in addition to his physical congregation that there will also be a ‘virtual congregation’ as well.  This is the reason for the Devotional material on the website.  It is for people in particular who would like to be part of an actual congregation but are finding it difficult for a variety of reasons to attend church regularly at this time.

At the moment there are a number of different professional groups who have to examine the building and find out exactly what needs to be done. It is imperative that any money that is spent on the building is money that is put to good use

Once all this preparatory work has been done the Church eagerly awaits the results of the second funding round to see if it has been successful in moving the project forward.  This should be known hopefully in the late summer of 2017.

Rev. Ian K McLachlan

Altar Wall showing flaking paint
Altar Wall with deteriorating paintwork. Please click magnify to enlarge this image.

West transept and altar wall showing deteriorating paintwork.  Please click magnify to enlarge this image.

Damage close to the organ.   Please click magnify to enlarge this image.

Damage to southern gable wall.  Please click magnify to enlarge this image.

Damage to east transept.  Please click magnify to enlarge this image.

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