Devotional Material

Devotional Material: 300 words or more.

A number of short articles of 300 words or more written by the Rev. Ian McLachlan in the past few years.

These short articles were originally published in the Carrick Gazette 2014 -2017

© Rev. Ian McLachlan.


There are two ways of looking at life.  You can basically look at things in an optimistic way or in a pessimistic way.  Which is your way?    When someone suggests that you take part in a new enterprise do you immediately think about all the things that might go wrong?  Or do you look at all the positives that such a project might bring you?   While there is much about the world to be pessimistic about - such as  the unkind  things that some human beings can  do to  others  –  at the same time many human beings can also be capable of wonderful deeds of kindness towards people who can do nothing for them in return.  When you think about it, God must be the ultimate optimist.  He created human beings with freewill – hoping that this freedom would encourage them to make the right moral choices again and again.  However sadly over time He witnessed them repeatedly breaking his commandments.  However God never gave up on his creation.  Time and time again he sent men and women to his people to encourage them to behave in the right way.  Unfortunately not everybody did – but God never gave up on his people. Finally God decided that the only way that he could get human beings to behave properly, was by coming into the world and personally showing them how life should be lived.  Jesus would not have come into the world unless God was optimistic that Jesus’ life, teachings and example would be an inspiration, which would encourage people to respect Him, his laws and one another.  To this day, God remains optimistic that human beings will ultimately work together, to build the kind of world that He hoped earth would always be like.

© Rev. Ian McLachlan.