20th Century

Interesting Events in the Life of the Church and Parish in the Twentieth Century.  

There were a number of very important events that affected the church building, the Hall, the manse and the congregation in the course of the twentieth century.  What follows is some of the most important ones.


This information has been taken from back issues of Dailly Parish Magazine.  Unfortunately not all the editions were available when this section of the website was put together.  If you have any events which you feel should be included then please send them in using the form provided on the website. 

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1900 – 1909  


January 1900

The parish is to be divided into 12 districts which will be visited by people collecting for the Fund for Soldiers’ Widows and Orphans.

January 1900

In the magazine it is reported that there has been a recent decrease in the number of baptisms.  Rev. Turnbull baptised 36 people in 1896; 34 people in 1897; 32 in 1898; and only 25 in 1899.

February 1900

It was intimated that throughout the year there was going to be a number of special collections in the church.  They would be – in February for the Colonial Scheme; in April for the Conversion; in May for Small Livings; in June for Home Missions; in October for Foreign Mission; and in November for Endowment.

11th February 1900

From the 11th of February there would be a series of meetings each night except on Saturday for the ‘Gospel Temperance Mission Week.’ These meetings were held in Dailly and Kirkoswald parishes.  They were organised by the Secretary of the Church of Scotland Temperance Society.

18th March 1900

There was a special collection in the church for Ayr Hospital.

27th March 1900

At the Business Meeting of the Young Men’s Guild it was proposed to have a Social on Friday the 6th of April.

3rd June 1900

There was a special Collection for the Indian Famine Fund.

25th May 1900

The Rev. Turnbull attended this year’s General Assembly

7th July 1900

There was a special excursion for the members of the Sabbath Schools, Band of Hope and Young Men’s Guild.  It set off at ten in the morning and returned at seven at night.  The trip was to the large field owned by Mr. Bone of Turnberry Lodge.

Sunday 22nd July 1900

There was the annual service to remember the Covenanters in Old Dailly Churchyard.  It was Rev. Turnbull’s thirtieth such service.

 Saturday 22nd September 1900

Col. Dalrymple Hamilton was presented with a sword of honour in the Assembly Room in Girvan.  It was after he returned home from the South Africa campaign.



January 1901

There was an announcement made for this year’s special Church collections.  They were: - February Conversion; April – Small Livings; May – Home Mission; June – Foreign Mission; October – Endowment Scheme and November – Colonial Scheme.

7th January 1901

There was a special meeting held to see if the ladies of the parish would be interested in forming a Women’s Guild.  The meeting opened with praise and prayer conducted by the Rev. Mr. Muir of Kirkoswald.  Then after tea Miss Anderson from Edinburgh explained the nature, objects and benefits of the Women’s Guild.  There was a decision made to set one up.  Officebearers were appointed.  27 ladies joined.

Wednesday 16th January 1901

The Band of Hope performed ‘Living Pictures.’  It was so successful that it was repeated on the 22nd of February.  The proceeds of the performance were to go to the reorganization of the Sabbath School Library.

Wednesday 23rd January 1901

At the Young Men’s Guild Meeting it was decided to set up a Temperance Branch of the Guild.

Saturday 2nd February 1901

There was a special service held in the Parish Church in connection with the funeral of Queen Victoria.  Both ministers were presented as was a united choir.  While there was a good attendance there was some disappointment at the lack of young people.

Monday 4th of February 1901

A meeting of the Women’s Guild was held.

Friday 15th February 1901

The Young Men’s Guild Concert.  It featured all local performers apart from one. 

22nd of February 1901

There was a concert in the Parish Church Hall in aid of defraying the cost of putting up the lamps in the village.

February 1901

There was a Work Party set up in connection with the Women’s Guild.  It meets every Thursday in the Hall from three o’clock until five o’clock in the afternoon.

February 1901

It was reported that five young men have joined the Imperial Yeomanry and are on their way to the front in South Africa.

Thursday 7th March 1901

At 3 o’clock there was a Guild meeting.  At 6 o’clock there was a Band of Hope Meeting which included ‘Living Pictures.’ 

Friday 8th March 1901

Another ‘Living Pictures’ event.  This event featured eighteen tableaux.  These included – Blue Beard; Where Are You Going My Pretty Maid?; Walls Have Ears; The Fortune Teller; England, Scotland and Ireland; Where The Heart is Young; Where the Heart is Old;  and The Laird of Cockpen (4 scenes).  There were also four ‘war pictures’ – Absent minded Beggar; Another Absent minded Beggar; For Home and Country and Comrades in Arms.  The funds raised by the event went to the Sabbath School and Guild Library.

Friday 19th April 1901

There was a Congregational Social Meeting.  It included addresses, music by the choir and others; and statements of the work of the Young Men’s Guild, the Women’s Guild and the Band of Hope.

Friday 3rd May 1901

Opening of the New United Free Church.  The service was conducted by Rev. Hugh Black.

Thursday 16th May 1901

The Guild held their Business Meeting – their last meeting of the session.

Monday 15th June 1901

A special event ‘At Home in Kilkerran.’  Sir. James Fergusson and Mrs. George Baird hold a special event giving people the chance of meeting Col. Fergusson D.S.O. and Commander Fergusson R.N. on their return from active duty.  Col. Fergusson is going to continue his work as the Adjutant General of the Egyptian Army. 

June 1901

It was announced that the new Hymnary was going to be introduced at the morning service.  It had previously been used at the evening services.

Saturday 13th July 1901

There was a Guild Sale of Work on the manse lawn.  It started at 1.30 in the afternoon and finished at 9.30 at night.  Admission to it was free.

Sunday 21st July 1901

There was a Covenanters’ Service at Old Dailly.  There was a collection taken for cleaning the martyrs’ stones and tidying the grass at the graves.

Wednesday 14th August 1901

There was a Wine and Cake Banquet for Mr. James Hannah of the Ayrshire Yeomanry on his return from the front.

Saturday 17th August 1901

There was a Young Men’s Guild excursion.

Thursday 26th September 1901

There was a public lecture for the Young Men’s Guild by Mr. Rigby Wason.

Thursday 3rd October 1901

There was the opening meeting for the new session of the Women’s Guild.

Sunday 6th October 1901

There was the first meeting of the Young Communicants Class at 10.45 a.m.

Friday 18th October 1901

There was the opening meeting of the Band of Hope.  There was a lecture delivered by Mr. William Buchanan.  The juveniles met at 6 p.m. while the adults met at 8 p.m.

Wednesday 30th October 1901

Captain Alexander Willison Inglis was sadly killed in action in South Africa.  He was only twenty four years of age.

Thursday 31st October 1901

There was a social meeting of the two Guilds – the Young Men’s Guild and the Women’s Guild.  It is a Hallowe’en entertainment.  There are informal addresses, music and ‘dipping for apples.’

Sunday 17th November 1901

The service was taken by the Rev. James M Shioch the Secretary of the Religious Tract and Book Society of Scotland.

December 1901

There was a meeting to see if there was enough people interested in the setting up of a Women’s Ambulance Class.

Monday 30th December 1901

There was the United Annual Soiree of the Sabbath School and Band of Hope where there was their prizegiving.


The Congregational Annual Statistics were - There were 7 Elders.  There were 26 baptisms over the year.  There were now 406 members of the Church Roll.  261 members communicated over the past year.



Wednesday 12th February 1902

There was a Guild Meeting addressed by Miss. Simpson who was the Deputy of the Woman’s Guild.  There was a proposal to set up a Junior section.  The members of the Junior Section would promise to(i) read a portion of the Bible and to pray every day  (ii) to attend Church or Sabbath School or Bible Class regularly (iii) to meet together at times agreed upon (iv) to learn about and work for Mission  (v) to seek to be followers of Jesus Christ in all things. 

Thursday 20th February 1902

Lecture was given by Mr. Aird of Girvan to the Young Men’s Guild on the subject of ‘Italy.’

Saturday 22nd February 1902

A special Sabbath School Conference was held in Maybole.  It started at 3.15 p.m.  The first part was chaired by Col. H.A. Kerr.  The Rev. Mr. Kilpatrick Govan delivered an address on ‘The Duties and Equipment of the Sabbath School Teacher.’  Then the Rev. Mr. Higgins gave a touching illustration of comfort in old age from the Scripture lessons that had been learnt at Sabbath School.  Then the Rev. Mr. Duncan delivered a talk on the Value of Models and Diagrams in teaching.  He emphasised the important of the eye assisting the mind in learning things.  Then the Rev. Mr. Moir stressed to need to get those attending Sabbath Schools to attend church and how it was important to make the church service attractive to young people.  There was a Tea from 5.30 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.   The Conference then was put until the Presidency of Mr. Thos. Smith of the Castle.   There was a talk by Mr. William McMoreland of Straiton.  He gave some practical and scriptural advice on some of the qualifications of a Sabbath School teacher.   Then the Rev. Mr. Turnbull spoke on the Sabbath School being the fulfilment of the Church’s duty to the young.   The Conference was not just for ministers and Sabbath School teacher.

Friday 7th March 1902

The last meeting of the Female Ambulance Class which was held in connected with St. Andrews’ Ambulance Association.   The class was taken by Dr. Barron.  31 ladies had attended.  21 of them passed the examination.  This meant that there were people who could help with first aid in The Village, Bargany, Kilgrammie, Dalquharran and Kilkerran.

Wednesday 19th March 1902

There was a lecture for the Young Men’s Guild.  It was organised by Major. F.W.Allan and delivered by Mr. William Buchanan.  There was also a Band of Hope meeting at 6 o’clock.

April 1902

The opening of the Guild and Sabbath School Library.  It was to be kept in the Hall and open every Thursday evening from 6 – 7 p.m.  The Library had received a grant from the London Religious Tract Society.

Tuesday 22nd April 1902

The Glasgow University ‘capping of Mr. Turnbull as a Doctor of Divinity.

Monday 28th April 1902

Woman’s Guild Conference goes ahead.  Miss Gordon was the Dailly Delegate.

24th May 1902

Rev. Dr. Turnbull and two elders were commissioners at the General Assembly.  The total money collected this past year was £473,299.  On the Church of Scotland Communion Roll was 668,335.  It was reported that there had been the creation and endowment of 9 new parishes.  420 parishes in total had been created and endowed at a cost of £1,547,400 which had been raised by freewill offerings.   18 missionaries were presented at the General Assembly of which 10 were ladies. 

June 1902

It was reported that the Communion Service had not been well attended.  The reason given was that a number of parishioners had attended the ‘Fast Day Service’ on the Friday before it.

Sunday 8th of June 1902

There was a Thanksgiving Service for the Peace.

Friday 20th June 1902

The day of the Induction of Mr. Torrance to the United Free Church.

Sundays 13th, 20th and 27th July 1902

The church was closed for cleaning and repairs on the above dates.  The congregation met in the Hall at 3 p.m. instead.  These afternoon services were conducted by respectively – Mr. Wallace of Patna; Mr. Fry of Girvan and Rev. Thomas of the West Church in Maybole.

Saturday 15th July 1902

The Woman’s Guild held their Open-Air Sale of Work on the manse lawn.  The sum raised had been £27.  By 6.30 p.m. most of the goods had been sold.

Sunday 27th July  1902

The Old Dailly Service was held.  There was a collection for the Bothwell Bridge National Memorial Fund.

Sunday 3rd August 1902

The re-opening of the Church.  There was now a marble plaque at the head of the Lovestone seat.  It was to the member of Alexander William Inglis who was killed in action while leading his squadron.

August 22nd 1902

There was a Concert to raise funds for the Wayside Seats.  It raised seventeen pounds.

Thursday 9th October 1902

The Woman’s Guild met at 4 o’clock while the Junior Guild met at 7 o’clock.  It was decided that the members of the Junior Guild should raise funds for the Sick Children’s Hospital in Glasgow.

Wednesday 23rd October 1902

The Guild held their opening Social along with the Young Men’s Group.

29th October 1902

There was a Guild Meeting.  The speaker was Miss Wingate who was a delegate of the Women’s Association for Foreign Mission.  She told the ladies about the missionary work carried out in India, East Africa and China.

Thursday 13th November 1902

The Young Men’s Guild had an address by Dr. Barron on the Life of John Bunyan and his writings.

Friday 14th November 1902

The Band of Hope and the junior branch of the Guild provided special entertainment.  And 20 new members joined.

Friday 28th November 1902

The Guild Cooking Class started its weekly meetings at a quarter past three in the afternoon.  There were 40 on the roll.

November 1902

It was announced that a piece of land was going to be made available for public recreation.  There was to be a nominal rent of one shilling a year. It was provided by the Col. The Hon. North Dalrymple Hamilton.  The ground was at the west end of the village and the lower end of the sloping field at the head of which Woodbank House was situated.  The two acres extended from the road back to the wood.

Sunday 21st December 1902

A Temperance sermon was preached in the morning.  In the evening there was a Children’s Service.

Sunday 28th December. 1902

The Congregational Christmas service was held.



1st January 1903

The Parish Church Hall was open in the afternoon for teas, music and games under the auspices of the Woman’s Guild.  It was held from 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.  There was table tennis, recitations and music.  And also an amateur concert.

Friday 16th January 1903

The Annual Social of Sabbath School and Band of Hope was held.  200 people were present at it.

Thursday 23rd April 1903

The Band of Hope held their last meeting of the session.

Friday 24th April 1903

There was a Social Meeting of the congregation.  Dr. Turnbull gave a review of the work of the Choir, Sabbath School, Band of Hope, Temperance Association, Young Men’s Guild, The Woman’s Guild, The Junior Guild and the Parish Supplement for Life and Work.  There was an address by the Rev. Mr. Muir of Kirkoswald.   The Choir performed and Mr. Cox played his coronet.   Then there was a selection of Mrs. Jarley’s world famous wax figures.  They were demonstrated by Mr. Russell.  The figures were – The Doubled Headed Lady; Little Red Riding Hood; The Nurse; The Laird o’ Cockpen; Blue Beard; Jack Spratt and his wife; Prince Charlie and Flora McDonald and Little Bo Peep.

Sunday 17th May 1903

There was an exchange of pulpits.  The visiting preacher was Rev. John Sloan of Shawlands.

Sunday 24th May 1903

The Old Dailly Sabbath School starts up again in the afternoon.

Sunday 21st June 1903

There is a special collection taken up in the church for the New Church and manse at Annbank.  The church was built midway between Annbank and Mossblown.  This was required after the previous Annbank Church had sadly been destroyed by a fire in January 1901.

Thursday 29th October 1903

There was a united social meeting of the Woman’s Guild and the Young Men’s Guild.

Wednesday 11th November 1903

This date saw the startup; of an ‘undenominational’ Boys Brigade at seven o’clock.  Its aim was ‘ to train the boys of to-day who are the men of tomorrow, in habits of obedience, reverence, discipline and self-respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness.’

Thursday 12th of November 1903

The start of the winter season of the Young Men’s Guild.

Sunday November 15th 1903

The evening services started at six o’clock.

Wednesday 25th November 1903

There was a Concert and dramatic entertainment in the Parish Church Hall.  It was put on by Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy of Dalquharran Castle assisted by their friends.  The funds raised from this event were for the Victorian Memorial School for the Sons of Scottish Soldiers and Sailors.  The first part of the Concert mainly consisted of musical items.  The second part was a One Act Farce called My Turn Next.

Christmas Day 25th December 1903

The children of Wallaceton School were entertained in the School Room.  There was a prizegiving.  Also singing, recitations and parlour games were part of the programme.