The Earliest Years

The following information is taken from the Dailly Parish Magazine of September 1963.  There seems to be slight differences between this information and other sources.

In 1659 it was decided that the Parish Church should be removed from Dailie (Old Dailly) to Milncavish (New Dailly). 

John, 2nd Lord Bargany, entered into an agreement with the Heritors to build a new church and manse at Milncavish, to allocate sufficient of his lands as a glebe and to layout ground for a churchyard and to build a wall round it.  The Decree was issued in 1673, but owing to Covenanting activities the new church and manse were not complete until 1693 when the minister of Dailie was transferred to Milncavish.

The ministers of Dailie (Old Dailly) were as follows: - Rev. J. Cunningham was minister from 1574 until 1589.  Then from 1590 to 1599 he was followed by Rev. David Barclay.  There was a Vacancy then for six years.  In 1605 the minister was Rev. James Inglis and he stayed until 1640.  He was followed by Rev. John Inglis – whom he was not related to – who stayed from 1641 – 1659.  The next minister was Rev. Skinner who had been Episcopally ordained.  He was followed by Rev. Patrick Crawford of Dallie who was transferred to Milncavish in 1693.

About the time of the transfer three quarters of the parishes in Scotland only had  lay preachers.  However New Dailie appears to have been an important parish as it had a minister who also had oversight over his own lay-preacher and the lay-preacher of Girvan and Kirkoswald.  

The old Kirk of Bargany and the Heritors which stood on the site of Kilkerran Vault sadly only lasted for about 70 years.  It had to be pulled down and rebuilt on the present site in 1766 at a cost of £600. 

Chapel at Old Dailly
Ruined Chapel and Bell Tower at Old Dailly.

Ruined Chapel and Graveyard at Old Dailly.
[Photographs: M Bailey]