19th Century

The Church continued to be a huge influence in the lives of the people living in Dailly parish in this century. 

One important development towards the end of this century was the publication of what was originally called Dailly Parish Magazine.  This dealt with information about what was happening in Dailly Parish church as well as information of a more general nature about what was going on in the parish. 

Unfortunately the compiler of this section did not have access to all the Magazines.  There are a huge number of gaps.  However there is a lot of very interesting information in the surviving issues which gives an insight into what was important to the people living at that time. 

Information about the various collections that were taken were regularly included.  There was an emphasis on the sermons that the minister of the Parish Church preached each week.  Communion Services and the yearly Covenanters’ Service in Old Dailly were also highlighted. 

In this section there is a Time Line which highlights some of the important events in the life of St. Machar’s Church during the 19th century.


1800- 1849

The new minister was Rev. John Thomson. He was the youngest son of the previous minister Rev. Thomas Thomson.

He was succeeded by Rev. Charles Cunningham.

The next minister was Rev. Alexander Hill.  He left Dailly in 1840 to take up the position of Professor of Divinity at Glasgow University.  He was the Moderator of the General Assembly in 1845

The induction of the Rev. William Chalmers.  However he ‘went out’ at the Disruption in 1843.  He became Dailly’s first Free Church minister. Later on he became the Principal of the English Presbyterian College.

Rev. David Strong was the next minister.  He sadly passed away in 1855.