Before the Reformation the priests who ministered in Dailly were appointed by the monks of Crossraguel to which it, like the other parishes of Carrick, was annexed. The names of only two of them are on record:


Vicar, also officiated as a notary public.


Since the Reformation
For several years after the Reformation it was difficult to find ministers for all the parishes in Scotland. Our first two ministers had for a time to care for the people of Girvan and Ballantrae as well as Dailly.

1563-1568 JAMES GREG Translated to Colmonell 1568.
1571-1590    JOHN CUNYNGHAME Translated to Girvan.
1590-1591 ALEXANDER BOYD Deprived for absence from the charge.
1591-1599    DAVID BARCLAY Translated to Maybole.
1605-1640     JAMES INGLIS Threatened with silencing and banishment by the Archbishop of Glasgow for not conforming to the Five Articles of the Perth Assembly.
1641-1659     JAMES INGLIS No relation to the above.
1660-1663    ANDREW MILLER Deprived by Act of Parliament 1662 but continued to minister until removed.
1665-1689 THOMAS SKINNER An "indulged" minister or "King's curate", but deserted the charge at the Revolution.
1711-1723     WILLIAM STEEL
1724-1755    WILLIAM PATOUN
1800-1805 JOHN THOMSON Youngest son of the above. Called to Duddingston.
1816-1840 ALEXANDER HILL, D.D. Appointed Professor of Divinity at Glasgow; Moderator of the General Assembly 1845.
1841-1843 WILLIAM CHALMERS Joined the Free Church at the Disruption and was first Free Church minister at Dailly; went to England and became Principal of the English Presbyterian College.
1843-1855  DAVID STRONG
1855-1869     CORNELIUS GIFFEN Translated to Edinburgh Trinity.
1869-1908 GEORGE TURNBULL, D.D. The last minister presented to the parish; he wrote "A South Ayrshire Parish".
1908-1925 CHARLES GOODALL Son-in-law of the above, translated to Edinburgh St. Oswald's
1924-1929  DAVID A. DUNCAN Translated to Kilmadock.
1929-1945 GEORGE W. WALKER Remained as minister when the local union of the Parish Church and the former United Free Church was effected in 1937.
1945-1949 R. STUART LOUDEN Translated to Edinburgh, Kirk of the Greyfriars.
1949-1956    J. GOLDER McGREGOR Translated to Logiealmond.
1957-1963 DUNCAN S. MacGILLIVRAY, M.B.E. Demitted the charge.
1963-1965 WILLIAM D. MACLEAN Demitted the charge
1966-1968   CHARLES Y. McGLASHAN, C.B.E. Translated to St Andrews
1969-1975 JOHN S LOCHRIE Called to be Chaplain of the University of Strathclyde
1976- 1983 RICHARD SMITH Called to Denny
1983-1999 GEORGE HELON Retired
Text based, in part, on THE PARISH CHURCH OF DAILLY 1766 - I960 by Sir James Fergusson of Kilkerran, Bart.