The Organ

Pipe organ gifred to Dailly Parish Church and Congregation by George and Agnes Cargill Todd of Trochrague, 31st July 1921.



November 1913 saw the plans being revealed for the renovations of Dailly Parish Church.  The plans submitted to the Kirk Session included an Organ Chamber.

On 31st March 1915 The restored church was unveiled ‘with a gracefully arched chamber.’

Later, on 20th June 1920, the Kirk Session recorded that it had received a letter from George Todd and his wife intimating that they were willing to donate a pipe organ to the church.  The letter indicated that they would also include an endowment to pay for the services of an organist.  The Kirk Session were delighted to receive this offer which they were delighted to accept. The organ was going to be made by Messrs. W. Hill and Son and Norman and Beard Ltd.

The pipe organ was formally handed over to the Kirk Session and congregation by Mr. Todd on 14th July 1921

Alongside the organ there was an Endowment Fund of £2,000 with the condition ‘that the upkeep of the organ, including the tuning, adequate heating of the church, water charges and an annual payment to a sinking fund for repairs and cleaning of the organ, shall be the first charge on the fund.  The remaining annual interest received from the investment was to form the organist’s salary.’

Mrs. Cook retired from the position of Harmoniumist after 6 years service and Mr. Robert Smith retired as Choirmaster after 17 years.  Mr. Andrews of Muirkirk became the first Organist and Choirmaster.

There was a Service of Dedication and Inauguration which was conducted by Rev. Charles Goodall B.D.  Preacher at the special service was Rev. D.A. Cameron Reid D.D.  The special organist at the service was Mr. W.H. Markham-Lee A.R.C.O.

1929 Permission was given to Mrs. Todd to put up a simple commemorative brass plate which read: - ‘ o the Glory of God  and Humble Acknowledgement of all His Mercies: George and Agnes Cargill Todd of Trochrague. 31st July 1921.’ 

28th July 1946 There was a special organ recital to mark twenty five years of the organ.  There was a silver collection made for the Organ Fund.